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Because the law is above all a regulator of social relations, I help to create projects which respect society as a whole.


With this broad vision of my profession, I support the projects of my clients, entrepreneurs, by becoming their privileged legal partner, the one who will make their projects take their full meaning in the face of laws, legal concepts and ethical principles.

My «raison d’être» (reason for being)

Using the law to make sense for tomorrow.

Who am I ?

Marie L'Hermite

Because the personality of your partners is key, so is that of your lawyer:

After having worked for more than 10 years in legal management positions in companies in the energy and telecommunications sectors, I decided in February 2019 to set up my own practice at the Paris Bar.

During my years in companies, I have acquired a transversal and operational approach of the legal partner by working in many areas of business law and on a wide variety of projects:

  • Digitalization on blockchain, fund raising platform of digital assets (ICOs), considering both contractual and regulatory aspects or the lack of legal framework,
  • Mergers and acquisitions taking into account the labor law, competition law, corporate law and governance aspects of the project as well as its post-closing implementation,
  • Coupling of energy markets at the European level (multi-stakeholder contractual architecture),
  • GDPR Compliance, training of DPOs,
  • Contractual architecture of interconnections between telecommunication operators,
  • Competition (merger control, cartels, abuse of dominant position), corporate law, governance, telecom law (voice and internet), regulation of a market undertaking regulated by the AMF/ACPR.

My values

Expertise, Humility, Justice and Independence.

My qualities

Great knowledge of many business issues and project work, an operational approach to business and technical issues, a deep conviction in the value of the law to innovate, dedicated to professional and associative projects.

I learned to take the punches with French boxing,
I learned endurance through running
I overcame my fear of the sea on surfboards,
I learned to refocus my priorities by driving around the deserts in a 4x4.

This personality is reflected in my work as a lawyer.

Women's rights, equal pay, women's access to decision-making bodies... are among the subjects for which I am involved in the French Association of Women Lawyers, of which I am vice-president.

In this capacity, I sit on the board of the Collectif 2GAP ("Gender and Governance Action Platform") representing approx. forty women's professional networks in the public and private sectors aiming at improving the gouvernance.

And because I wanted to "do my part", I am making my legal skills available to the OneHome project whose objective is to raise ecological awareness through a unique experience made by astronauts! Simply because it's beautiful.


  • 2019
  • 2012 - 2017
  • 2011 - 2012
  • 2006 - 2010
  • 1997 - 2006

MLH avocat

Lawyer at the Paris Bar, founder of MLH avocat


European Gas Market, Head of Legal Affairs


European Short Term Power Market, Lawyer

Telegate AG (Munich) / Le 118000 (Paris)

Information service, Lawyer/ Head of Legal Affairs


DESS (former Master 2) in European Business Law (Paris 2 Panthéon Assas)
LL.M in German Law
LL.M in European Business Law (LMU Munich)

Having lived several years in Germany (Munich), I work in French, English and German. I am used to act as an interface between these countries and their cultures.


  • New
  • Governance,


Intelligent networks (smart grid), blockchain, AI, algorithms, big data, connected objects, ICO, technologies are everywhere and constitute a considerable challenge for commercial, technological and societal development in many fields.


Ensuring the legal compliance of a project involving new technologies requires a cross-disciplinary vision that makes it possible to identify the different areas of law that could be affected by the project.

Proposed support

  • Writing/review of IT contracts, (subcontracting, services...),
  • Legal support for the implementation of innovative projects (blockchain, crypto),
  • Ethics and governance of IT solutions,
  • Regulatory support (ARCEP, AMF, CNIL),
  • Contractual and regulatory management of a platform,
  • Trainings.


The need for meaning, the raison d'être, the necessary "accountability" respond to the needs of society and today concern all economic players. While compliance is self-evident because of its legal nature, governance and ethics are today at the heart of the changes that will be essential in the years to come.


Thus governance can address issues of powers and counter-powers, ethics of societal issues and the impact of an organization on society as a whole, and compliance will deal more with the organization's compliance with its stakeholders, in particular given the possibility of criminal sanctions.

Proposed support

  • (Re)design of governance (structuring, articles of association, shareholders' agreements),
  • Implementation of compliance/compliance programs (including GDPR, competition, Sapin 2),
  • Ethics and governance of IT solutions,
  • Support and implementation of the raison d'être,
  • Trainings.

How can I
help you ?

Thanks to my transversal approach of the company and my ability to work in project mode, my assistance can take any of the following forms:

One shot assistance on a specific matter, a project, in support of the operational and/or legal teams

Training of managers/boards members/employees on various legal subjects

Outsourcing of the legal department: handling of legal matters on a monthly flat-rate basis (for SME/start up)

Assistance with the building of a tailor-made legal department: drafting of procedures, models, stages in the life of a company...

On-site or off-site secondment (interim management, replacements, temporary increase of activity)
The diversity of my clients makes the richness of my expertise. I therefore work with start-ups as well as SMEs and international companies.


Lawyers' fees are freely set according to the technicality, the needs, the nature and the time spent on the case. These fees are the counterpart of my work, my availability, my expertise and my experience.

I do not charge for the first appointment.

From this first appointment, the amount of the fees to be expected will be established and a fee agreement will be given to you.

The fees can be determined:

  • By time spent (hourly rate);
  • By fixed price (in particular in man/day);
  • The result (only as a supplement).

Depending on the case, I may have to ask for advance payment of a part of the agreed fees.




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